No more borders

Today I cut the borders off of my Large Thoth tarot. I ordered it from Amazon and never bonded with it. The pictures looked nice but it was ungainly and too large to shuffle. I was trying to order the medium sized Thoth not the jumbo. ISBN 0-913866-15-16

was listening to Tarot to Go and they were talking about doing this. Since this wasn’t worth returning I felt like I had nothing to loose.

For the record I don’t dislike the borders and feel like the titles of the cards including the esoteric attributions of the minors are very important and helpful in readings.

I used a Fiskars trimmer and my corner rounder. The result is not completely perfect but the cards are luminous and glorious. And the deck is now the PERFECT size. The borders WERE stifling and keeping the images down. This deck is now 100 times more beautiful and glorious. My husband said I circumcised the cards

‘ll leave you with the quote from the extra card.

The Tarot is a pictorial representation of the Forces of Nature as conceived by the Ancients according to a conventional symbolism.

At first sight one would suppose it to be arbitrary, but it is not. It is necessitated by the structure of the universe, and in particular of the Solar System, as symbolized by the Holy Qabalah.

–Alister Crowley

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  1. Nathalie Says:

    Wow! These cards have been brought to life! I tried the same on my Hallowquest, Llewellyn deck, vintage RW, Sacred Southwest, and Stone tarot–so I have been busily reviving several amazing decks a bit like the Prince kissing the slumbering Princess! Thank you so much for sharing the effects of the miracle you have performed. I too own the large Crowley deck but I paid alot more for mine since I got the Swiss/German edition whilst the American one was still out of print and am therefore very leary or committing a fatal mistake with these…I never really bonded with them either and now I know it’s probably because of the huge borders because the artwork is of course amazing. Shall have to gird my loins for this one lol!