No more borders 2

I brought my borderless Thoth to the Study group on Sunday. It hadn’t occurred to me to do it to my Universal Waite until Linda suggested it. There were some questions on the tools to do it. This is what I used.

The cards are very long and tall now. They looked funny before the corner rounding. I compared the image portion to a regular Rider-Waite deck and the Universal Waite is about 3mm narrower width while the height is the same. The edges felt rough and sharp so I sanded them down with fine grit paper.

As you can see from these pictures the cards look fine. But since I can’t leave well enough alone I put gold paint on the edges with the first gold paint pen I could find around the house. I’m pretty sure I bought it at Michael’s Crafts: Metallic Painters Calligraphy, Opaque Pen Marker by Hunt Corporation – Gold.

Wow! The paint ran over the edges a bit so they have a gold border on both sides. Much better than the white sanded edges. This really did the finishing trick.

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One Response to “No more borders 2”

  1. Cynthia Tedesco Says:

    hi leisa,

    i’m going to do your ‘borderectomy’ surgical proceedure on my RWS & Thoth for starters. i was able to find just about everything on the internet except for the Metallic Painters Calligraphy, Opaque Pen Marker by Hunt Corporation – Gold which you think you got at Michael’s. they don’t seem to have it. this is a list of hunt supplies: do you know which one the gold calligraphy pen is???

    this is a great idea! the cards are so much more vivid & evocative w/out borders!